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About Us

About Us


We are committed to developing champions - in life as well as in sports. We are devoted to providing our community with safe, effective and energetic fitness programs for all ages and levels of expertise. We strive to establish a community of individuals who are fit in all aspects of the word - physically, mentally and spiritually. We utilize fitness to educate, coach and lead them towards a healthier and more fit lifestyle. Our aim is to instill fitness as a lifestyle not a duty and teach our members how to do the common uncommonly well. The satisfaction of our mission lies in showing people their perceived limits and fears, teaching them how to overcome them, and then celebrating their success as they surpass them!

Black Iron CrossFit is located in Frisco, Texas. Our program is based on a very simple, yet unique training methodology. We have created a program consisting of constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high-intensity. Functional movements are organic in nature, and essential to our quality of life and independent living. They allow us to have the unique ability to move large loads, long distances, and accomplish tasks very quickly.

Intensity, above all else, is where we see results. Even more than how long or how often you train, intensity is the key. We train for longevity, health and most of all, we train for a better quality of life across all areas.

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