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Brandon Berry

Brandon Berry


Brandon is a recent CrossFit Level 1 instructor and is hugely passionate about the sport of CrossFit. Since a very young age, Brandon has been involved in sports, playing baseball, basketball, football, golf, cross country, and swimming. He played baseball, basketball, cross country, and football during high school and continued to remain athletic throughout his military career. You can still find him on a golf course or a softball field year round in this Texas heat.

Brandon enlisted in the Army, as an Infantryman, with the 101st Airborne Division back in early 1998. He served on multiple peace time deployments and finished with a deployment to Iraq where he was injured and forced to retire in 2004. CrossFit allows him to continue to get back to 100% healthy, work with veterans, and help wounded warriors achieve goals that they didn’t think were possible through teamwork, sweat, and tears.

While still somewhat new to CrossFit, Brandon brings a tough work ethic and mindset to the gym every day. He believes that there is ALWAYS time to get a workout in, whether that be at 4:30am or 8pm. With a mixture of athletics and military training, Brandon is always up for a new challenge and coaching the amazing athletes at BICF has been an awesome experience for him. CrossFit was an easy sell for him due to the similarities in relation to organized athletics and military PT and he hasn’t looked back since Day 1.

Brandon is a Reliability Engineer for Schlumberger in Denton and has been with them for 8+ years. Oilfield life was a wild ride for the first few years but now he has a more stable schedule that allows for flexibility and a better work-life balance, which is sometimes hard to find in that field.