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Jim Fields

Jim Fields

Jim is a Certified Level 1 CrossFit Instructor who has always been active in athletics. From a young age, he played soccer, football, baseball, basketball, ran cross country, competed in triathlons, raced road bikes on the USCF circuit and competed on the national level as a swimmer in Texas growing up.

Jim enlisted as an Infantryman in the Army in 1999. At the end of his initial enlistment he decided to become an Officer and has never looked back. After 16 years, two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan he currently serves as a Major in the Texas Army National Guard as the Executive Officer for 3-144 Infantry based out of Fort Worth. He has no plans to retire because as he likes to say, “Why would you give up the privilege to lead the best and brightest citizens the United States of America has to offer?”

Jim started CrossFit in 2007 off a suggestion from one of his buddies in the Army. Being an avid runner, swimmer and weight lifter his perception of fitness was hard to dissuade. After his first CrossFit workout everything changed. A 10 minute workout with light weight and squats left him on the floor gasping for air and questioning his actual fitness level. Realizing he could accomplish more in a one hour session than he could in a six mile run, 3,000 yard swim or two hours pumping iron in the gym, he was hooked. Jim went on to obtain his Level 1 CrossFit Instructor Certification and ran Coyote CrossFit in Ghazni Afghanistan while on deployment in 2011; training Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, DoD Contractors as well as Soldiers from the Polish Army and Special Forces. Not being able to break the addiction to train and improve individual’s fitness levels from every walk of life, he brings his expertise to Black Iron.

Jim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Stephen F. Austin State University and is currently enrolled in the US Army Command General Staff College where he is working towards a Master’s Degree. His full time job is as a Senior Vice President at a large regional bank where he ensures the bank is operating in a safe and sound manor. He is married and has three children who are in college, high school and junior high.