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Kara Bymers

Kara Bymers


Moving to Texas in 2012 was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. I had no family or friends, I didn’t know anyone, and I sat at home eating cookies. After three months of weight gain, I finally said enough was enough. I had heard of CrossFit before and saw a local box with a sign that read “Ladies Program”. One day I decided to stop on by and that was the best decision of my life. I started my CrossFit journey at CrossFit North Houston.

I remember my first week of CrossFit – I couldn’t do a pushup, couldn’t do a pullup, my squat was tragic, and I couldn’t run 400m without walking. However, the camaraderie was so overwhelming and sometimes emotional, that I went back for more week after week. No matter how sore my body was or how much I wanted to quit, there’s just a feeling that excited me every day to be a better athlete than the day before.

After 8 month of CrossFit and down 40 pounds, I participated in my first competition. With my coaches and friends beside me, I took the podium placing third! At that moment, I felt like I belonged to a community, a family, and that all my hard work was paying off.

In 2013, I passed the CrossFit Level 1 trainer course and officially became a coach.

In 2016, I moved to Frisco and I knew I had to find a new box immediately. I tried a few places but stumbled upon Black Iron CrossFit. I dropped in for a class and I knew immediately this was THE place I wanted to be! The people were so welcoming, the programming was on-point, and the coaches were genuine. My ultimate goal was to find a box where I could coach again. Within months, Heidi, Jeff, and Mike asked if I wanted to come aboard and coach – I emphatically said yes! Black Iron truly embraces what CrossFit is all about – community, events, outings, and having fun!

I enjoy coaching because I want to share my success story with others. I relate to those who are starting their journey where I began mine years ago. Pushing athletes to their limits, seeing them get stronger, and reach their goals enlightens me every day!

CrossFit has kept me motivated because there is always something I’m striving to do – whether it’s heavier weight, faster time, or a new gymnastic movement. I’m ecstatic to say that I can finally do unassisted pull-ups, handstand push-ups, toes-to-bar, run a mile without stopping, and so much more. To this day, I’ve lost 71 pounds. I’m extremely thankful for Black Iron CrossFit in allowing me to continue in my journey!