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Mike Manning

Mike Manning

Head Coach


As the head coach at Black Iron CrossFit and the owner of MarineWOD, my goal as an athlete, a coach and a mentor is to inspire, encourage and help others reach their goals. While I have always been an athlete from my youth, participating in little league baseball, martial arts, and football, it wasn’t until discovered wrestling that I found my niche as well as a sport I loved and excelled in all through high school. As a light weight, my coach put a huge emphasis on strength training and gymnastics which in retrospect provided a solid foundation for my knowledge and application when transitioning to CrossFit training. In fact, learning to control my weight and momentum during my years in wrestling has produced great benefits when applied to both gymnastic movements and Olympic lifts.

U.S. Marines

Joining the United States Marine Corps shortly after high school graduation improved my athletic skills as well as my conditioning, mental toughness, and endurance exponentially. While in Afghanistan, my first overseas deployment, I sustained a non-combat related injury that not only left me with residual damage, but offered unique challenges when performing my job. Through perseverance and the skills learned as an athlete in my youth as well as the training provided by the Marines, I was able to perform my tasks at a high level for two consecutive tours, both in Afghanistan and another to follow in the Philippines.

New Challenges

After fulfilling my commitment to the marines, achieving the rank of Sargent, it was time to let my body heal and recover. After returning to Texas, I became intrigued with CrossFit and began training while integrating myself into the local CrossFit community. I found the CrossFit community to be an ideal environment to perfect my skills and face new challenges.


“Remembering those we’ve lost, recognizing those we fight beside, and honoring those we fight for.”

MarineWOD Banner

Along with my passion for CrossFit, I founded the MarineWOD project in 2013. It is dedicated to the Corps and its veterans by “Remembering those we’ve lost, recognizing those we fight beside, and honoring those we fight for.” Inspired by Sgt Ryan H. Lane, a Marine killed in action July 23, 2009 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Sgt Lane and his service became the driving force behind the project. In 2014, I launched an Annual Memorial MarineWOD competition and fundraiser, dedicated to the memory of Sgt Lane. The MarineWOD project continues to grow and expand as it inspires others and offers all comers a challenge worthy of the name marines.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals I view my role as head coach as the culmination of my passions, my experiences, and my strengths and I will strive to help everyone meet their personal goals, both big and small. Becoming the head coach at Black Iron CrossFit is a natural fit, combining my love of athletics, training, and competitive sports it allows me to continue to pursue excellence while helping others achieve it as well. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.